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Portrait Pricing

Mom and Girls Huggy.jpg

Clothing: A little bit of forethought can help create a lasting image. Check out how your clothing appears on each family member, for example, does it accentual the positive or the negative?  Do the patterns go well together?

Make-up and Hair: Hair spray is highly recommended to keep stray hairs under control. Facial powder helps with shine, including on bald heads.


Posing Ideas: If your family has a common interest or even several interests, ask us for ways to incorporate them into your portraits. For example, biking, tennis, chess, hiking or skiing.

Locations: We have a few favorites and we are always open to new places. If you have a large group, shade is usually best so choose a spot that can cover the whole group. Murray Park, Ledgemere up Big Cottonwood Canyon are two places that provide plenty of shade. It is always best to face away from the sun so no one is squinting so consider this when finding a spot we haven't photographed at previously.

                 Please call Elaine with any questions on the above.


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