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I love the White background in my home studio 

Medelin Family.jpg

Thanks to the Medelin Family for letting us show off their beautiful family portrait.  I think the river at Murray Park portraits look like they were taken in the mountains. Individual shots of the immediate family kids included in the $150 session.

Medelin Kids.jpg
Medelin kids 2.jpg
Medelin kids 3.jpg
Medelin Kids 1.jpg
Pinelle Family.jpg

Thanks to the Pinelle Family for trusting us to be their family photographer for many years.

Thorn Family.jpg

Nice Fall picture of the Thorn Family at Murray Park

Matthews Family.jpg

Thanks Matthews family for letting us be you family photographers 

Beautiful Harmer Family portrait at Murray Park 


Thanks to Julie and Benson Lewis for trusting me to be
                         their family photographer

Daley Family.jpg

Thanks to the Daley Family for being great friends
      and for letting me take their family portraits. 

Crowley Family.jpg

Thanks to my good friends the Scott and Ann Crowley family.  Scott & I grew up together. 
                               Such a Beautiful family  

Dan & Linda Duffin.jpg

Dan & Linda Duffin Portrait

Baliff Family.jpg

The Baliff famly portrait taken up Big Cottonwood Canyon 


Awesome Vanwagoner family portrait 

Hunter Family.jpg

The Beautiful Hunter family Portrait at Murray Park   Looks more like a portrait in the canyon than a portrait at a park near 53rd S. and State Street 

Thor Family.jpg

The Thor Famiy portrait taken in the Dimple Dell area

Squires family.jpg

The Beautiful Squires family portrait taken in our home studio 


Claverie family portrait taken in their home 

Rosendale Family.jpg

The Roseland Family Portrait at Murray Park 

Bowen Family.jpg

The Bowen Family Portrait Murray Park

Baxter Family.jpg

The baxter family portrait in American Fork Canyon

Little Family.jpg

The little family having some fun together at Murray Park 

Davis Family.jpg

The awesome Davis family portrait at Wheeler Farm 

Wright Family.jpg

The Beautiful Wright Family 

Porter Family.jpg

Thanks to the Porter family for choosing us for their family photographers 


We appreciate the Mecham Family Choosing us to take their family pictures at Murray Park 

Christensen Family.jpg

The Christensen Family Portrait taken at Wheeler Farm 

Dastrup Family.jpg

I love Being a Family Photographer  The Dastrup Family in the fall at Wheeler Farm 

Densey Family.jpg

Another Beautiful famiy portrait the Dansie family at Murray Park 

Hendrickson Family.jpg

The Hendrickson Family portrait in the snow at Murray Park 

Adamson Family.jpg

The Adamson famiy portrait at Murray park in the snow

Bonnie Clark.jpg

The Georgious Bonnie Clark family Portrait at Murray Park 

Thanks to Janet and Russ for letting us show off their beautiful portrait 

Whetstone Family.jpg

I love this Fall picture of the Hansen family on the bridge at Murray Park 

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